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Stochastic Calculus and Finance

Stochastic Calculus and Finance
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Zielgruppe: Master
Semester: WS 19/20

Blockveranstaltung, Termine werden über Ilias bekanntgegeben


Blockveranstaltung, Termine werden über Ilias bekanntgegeben

Dozent: Dr. Mher Safarian
SWS: 2
LVNr.: 2521331


The course will provide rigorous yet focused training in stochastic calculus and finance. The program will cover modern approaches in stochastic calculus and mathematical finance. Topics to be covered: 

  1. Stochastic Calculus. Stochastic Processes, Brownian Motion and Martingales, Stopping Times, Local martingales, Doob-Meyer Decomposition, Quadratic Variation, Stochastic Integration, Ito Formula, Girsanov Theorem, Jump-diffusion Processes. Stable and tempered stable processes. Levy processes.
  2. Mathematical Finance: Pricing Models. The Black-Scholes Model, State prices and Equivalent Martingale Measure, Complete Markets and Redundant Security Prices, Arbitrage Pricing with Dividends, Term-Structure Models (One Factor Models, Cox-Ingersoll-Ross Model, Affine Models), Term-Structure Derivatives and Hedging, Mortgage-Backed Securities, Derivative Assets (Forward Prices, Future Contracts, American Options, Look-back Options), Option pricing with tempered stable and Levy-Processes and volatility clustering, Optimal Portfolio and Consumption Choice (Stochastic Control and Merton continuous time optimization problem), Equilibrium models, Consumption-Based CAPM, Numerical Methods.



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