Financial products and modes of finance (MA)

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Inhalt/ Contents

The Islamic financial (IF) industry has been growing at double-digit rates over the past decade. Conceptually, IF is appealing. Its main message has become particularly obvious and relevant after the Global Financial Crisis 2007-2009, the repercussions of which are still felt in the world. While the prospects of the IF industry in terms of size and volume seem promising, the pace of development of new products and instruments into practical reality has been lagging behind. There are many challenges the industry understandably faces.

However, the IF industry constantly pursued streamlining product development knowledge. This enables it to assess the existing financial products and identify gaps that can be filled with new and innovative products to better serve the clients. The Seminar is an attempt to encapsulate the essential knowledge IF Modes of Finance (the ‘products’).

The Seminar also describes the essential steps of the process of a financial product development. Furthermore, it describes the major activities of each process step and the consequent results as well as the resulting responsibilities, to guarantee successful development and subsequent launching of new products. 

Sukuk have demonstrably been the IF industry’s instrument of choice for access to capital markets. The Seminar studies the Sukuk, which are the resulting ownership certificates from the securitization of an economic asset. It also studies the related challenges and the prospects for innovative design.

Seminarthemen / Topics of this seminar 

Modes of Finance

  • Grant, loans, leasing

  • Istisna’a, Instalment Sale
  • Restricted Mudarabah, Equity Participation 

Financial Product Development Process

  • Design of the Financial Product Development Process
  • IDBG’s Financial product Development Process

Sukuk challenges and Prospects For innovative Designs

  • What are Sukuk?
  • Sukuk Market
  • Sovereign Sukuk
  • Multi-level Protection Sukuk 



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