Educational Data Mining

  • Typ: Seminar
  • Lehrstuhl: Lehrstuhl für Ökonometrie und Statistik
  • Semester: für Bachelor-Studenten
  • Ort:

    Geb. 20.54, Raum 101 (Statistik)

  • Zeit:

    Di, 04.11.2014, 13:00 Uhr

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  • LVNr.: 2521030
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    Vortrag, schriftliche Ausarbeitung


Data mining is a process of identifying and extracting hidden patterns, knowledge and information from databases and data warehouses. Today, one of the biggest challenges that educational institutes face is to use educational data to improve the quality of managerial decisions. Due to the huge educational databases, data mining enables organizations to use their current reporting capabilities to uncover and understand hidden patterns in vast datasets. Furthermore, data mining techniques can be used to extract meaningful knowledge and useful information from the huge educational databases. Data mining is a powerful analytical tool that enables educational institutions to better allocate resources and staff, and improve the effectiveness of alumni development.


Topics of this seminar are:

Data mining in educational database
Importance of data mining in higher education
Data mining and its application in higher education
Data mining in course management
Predicting student performance by data mining techniques


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