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Data Mining and Optimization for Decision Making

Data Mining and Optimization for Decision Making
Typ: Seminar
Lehrstuhl: ETS Institute of Economic Theory and Statistics

Geb. 20.54, Raum 101 (Blockveranstaltung)


Do., 01.11.2012, 13:00 Uhr

Beginn: Do., 01.11.2012, 13:00 Uhr


LVNr.: 2521030

Vortrag, schriftliche Ausarbeitung


Business intelligence is a broad category of applications and technologies for gathering, providing access to, and analyzing data for the purpose of helping enterprise users make better business decisions. The term implies having a comprehensive knowledge of all factors that affect a business, such as customers, competitors, business partners, economic environment, and internal operations, therefore enabling optimal decisions to be made.

Topics of this seminar are:
• Data mining and its applications, classification, supply optimization models, decision support systems, and analytical methods for performance evaluation.
Weitere Informationen:
In this seminar have been found:
• Accessible through the careful definition and introduction of each concept, followed by the extensive use of examples and numerous real-life case studies.
• To utilize mathematical models and analysis models to make effective and good quality business decisions.
• A practical guide to the mathematical models and analysis methodologies of business intelligence.

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To register for this seminar by e-mail is required. Interested persons please contact the seminar leader (mirashrafi@statistik.uni-karlsruhe.de).

Anmeldung : 01.10.2012
Anmeldungsschluss: 31.10.2012