Main research areas

Statistical Methods

  • Probabilistic Forecasting
  • High-dimensional methods
  • Time series: nonstationarity, nonlinearity, high-dimensionality, and count data
  • Non- and semiparametric methods
  • Network dependencies, extreme dependencies, quantiles
  • Generated regressors

Applied Econometrics

  • Financial Systemic risk measurement
  • Interdependencies of risks
  • Large dimensional extreme risk
  • Methods for high-frequency finance
  • Evaluation of policy measures
  • Forecasting of Cryptocurrencies and house prices

Epidemiology (YIG-PP Johannes Bracher)

  • probabilistic forecasting of infectious diseases
  • Covid-19 forecast hubs: systematic comparison, evaluation, ensemble building
  • Nowcasting of hospitalisations for Covid-19

Weather Forecasting (YIG Sebastian Lerch)

  • probabilistic weather forecasting: subseasonal scale and hybrid models
  • ensemble post-processing


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